O is for Opaque

Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Your hometown’s annual fair. That life-changing music festival. A conference that shifted your worldview. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force.

How does that make you feel

Opinionated…who me? Not me!  I usually just go along  with the flow.  Today I will opine about something other than an event.

I started thinking about something else that might be cancelled, taken away and came up with Freedom.  And then to tie it to a post so I could get a handle on it, I got to thinking about when we use to take the kids to visit ghost towns.

What does ghost towns have with Freedom, you may rightly ask.  Just bear with me.

For example we were in the ghost town of Nevadaville, Colorado.  We walked in hushed silence down dusty streets, looked through opaque store windows to see items still displayed there. What a trip back in time.  But It seems like people just one day got up and walked away from whatever life they had.

How sad that seems, to just walk away.  I’ll come back to that later.

Time has taken it’s toll in these towns.  Foundations which cannot stand against the harshness of elements have begun to crumble.  Some walls still stand; quietly wait…for what? Do they remember the life they once held inside and celebrated each day.  Or do they remember the harsher side of life that dealt such hard blows and led to abandonment.

Those walls must have tried to hold out waiting for the owners to return.  But in the end, despair finally took over and they gave into despair.

Did the house send messages on the wind to that neighboring foundation over there.  Pretend in the silence that you can hear the sighs carried on the wind as the sweep through the empty ruins.

This odyssey reminds me of how fragile life is.  I could go in that direction and talk about how we should take care, we will not be here forever.

Or how fragile memories are;  lost in  the wind; obliterated by unforgiving degenerative disease.

But I think what happens sometimes is that we just walk away.  The home that held the family yearned for its owners to return.

I recently had cataracts removed and was awed by the transformation.  I had looked through the world through opaque lenses.  I did not see what beauty was there.  I want everyone to open their eyes and if needed have your opaque lenses removed.  See our country for what it truly is.  A place of Freedom founded on ideals that made the foundation of our country strong; able to withstand the hardships that arise.

Some say our foundations are crumbling.  Voices cry out on the wind,  they sigh through the ruins that happen when strong people give up.  Voices  are calling.  Are we listening?




2 thoughts on “O is for Opaque

  1. I like all your thoughts and your idea of working on a letter a day. I feel, though, that you have several threads here. Each could make its own article, and they rather loosely connect, but they don’t weave together into a solid statement. I don’t quite follow how Freedom, memories, opaque vision, and ghost towns all fit together.

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