P is for Problem Solver (day 16)

Writing 101: Lost and Found

Omega and Alpha. Inc.

Dear Arvilla,

I work in the  Lost and Found department of O & A.  Our motto is ” No problem is too Big for Us”.  Your case however has almost brought us to our knees (to use a forbidden cliché) and therefore  has called for extreme measures. During the process of reorganization, it came to my attention that the files containing your lost memories  are taking up valuable space.  I also note that new data is stored daily.   There have been rumors that  you misplace words, even the names of friends.  The file containing them is full to overflowing.  Come and claim them when it is convenient.

You have been careless with  writing assignments: posting before editing.  We recommend a quick proofread.  Is that too much to ask?

Further, we have a legitimate source that reported that you dump numerous topics together when writing your Alphabet Stories.  This is not recommended.  You did receive a fellow blogger’s recommendation and we would admonish you to listen to her sage advice.

We acknowledge the fact that you are making improvements in your  use of time.  Unfortunately, the lost segments of your life cannot be reclaimed, so we hope that your future days and hours on earth will be spent wisely to make up for any deficit.

The old saying “Finders keepers, losers weepers”  might  loosely apply here. (if you will we allow this use of an old cliché.)

Signed , Problem Solver


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