S is for Sharing the Silliness

S is for sharing the silliness or S could be sharing the stillness.  Silliness might get me a few more comments.  Stillness is to be admired, at least the ability to meditate and be silent for a while.  Ahh, stillness…lotus pose anyone?.  Silliness pops back in.  I’d look rather silly in a yoga pose.  Now I’m thinking about funny stuff again.  Did you hear the one about the yoga instructor?  I haven’t either, so if you expected a punch lline, you’ll have to make it up.  Hey that might be a challenge.  Someone write the first part of the joke and then another fills in the punch line.  Just don’t give me a ppunch for that idea.  If you like it though you might tell me the punch line to What did the yoga instructor say to the coffee cup? (or whatever else you want him talking to?)

Ok enough of the jokes.  I once took a yoga class every other day at 6:30 am–yeah you got that right, am as in morning, before coffee and i’ll tell you something…I look pretty funny in my yoga garb at 6:30 in the morning and I feel preety funny too, though not the ha ha kind.  The funny frazzled feeling with the fuzz in the back of your throat kind of morning…and no coffee, really, cause the instructor did not like us to drink coffee before our yoga sessions  Say is that why I said coffee cup in the above joke….oh where is this going?  I don’t have any idea and if your totally bored i can’t blame you.  I’m not feeling so excited about this thing yet either.  Jump onto another blog if this one isn’t living up to your expectations, maybe their train of thought is more serious, more entertaining or just juicer than this one here.

Hey am I at 4000 words yet? Oh sorry that was 400 words.  ONE AT A TIME,  the instrucktions said, oh golly, I’ve done this all wrong.  it was hard to even do this and I’m doing it not one word at a time, but a bunch of random things all jumbled together and not making one bit of sense.  So here goes the one at a time.  I shall really give it a try.  As Ms LaMott says we need to just jump in and write—I totally paraphrased that.  My condensed version…sorry Anne, I really love you.  I read one of your books on writing.  Do you do Yoga???.  Please write a book on that.

ONE WORD AT A TIME:  here goes.



















13 thoughts on “S is for Sharing the Silliness

  1. Not a waste of my time at all! I see you took the 400 word free writing challenge. Great stuff! Fun to read our thoughts on paper, isn’t it? I will do the same this evening after work 🙂

  2. Good for you with your free write! I just can’t do it. I can’t even leave a comment on someone’s blog without editing constantly as I go. 🙂

    By the way, whatever possessed you to sign up for yoga at 6am?

    • Don’t know if that was a serious question or just meant as a comment in jest, but if you really want an answer, we ,hubby and I thought it was a challenge that might help us. Fun while it lasted. My favorite was the cat pose. My cats do it better than me though.

  3. I used to get up at 4AM to go to a 6AM prayer meeting. Haha, not anymore. And the silliness is always welcome.

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