T is for Things to Treasure (Part 1)

Today we receive the last assignment of Writing 101.  I’m happy that it fits with my letter of the day.  It has happened more than once this challenge.  For those who might not know, I decided on day one to up my personal challenge and include a letter of the alphabet  as a title. I plan to keep up blogging–one letter at a time–maybe twice a week and on other days work on my book.  This has been a great challenge for me and certainly cured my dry spell.  So what are the rest of you going to do?

This challenge has helped me as a writer, polishing and pruning, finding out about voice and style. Invaluable stuff.  But far surpassing  what I’ve learned is meeting new friends, writers working toward similar, yet personal goals…great people along this path to learning to write better.  I’d like to introduce a few.  (If I leave your name out, I’m sorry.)

Oliver is new to  blogging and also new to the U.S. as an exchange student. His blog  alone in the USA will tell his story.  Hop on board for his adventure.

Christine reflects on the Christian life through essays and poetry.

Rose writes with passion and honesty about social issues.

Lovehappynotes will lift your spirits.  Check it out for your daily dose of optimism

gtylermills  does book reviews and gives us an honest look at his life.

For all who are reading, whether you just found me. or were with me from day one, I appreciate you stopping by and spicing up my blog with your insightful comments.

Now onto something I treasure that starts with a T…time?… trinkets?…I mentioned time in previous posts.  I’m not that excited about trinkets.  Anyone have an idea to help cook up my final challenge?


2 thoughts on “T is for Things to Treasure (Part 1)

  1. This is a good idea — and thanks for mentioning me. I’ll have to check out your other new friends’ blogs, too.

    T could be for tales, or telling tales. Do you treasure those? Or just talking, as in speech. That’s what pops into my head right off.

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