V is for Violation

I got to thinking about my post on time and have to admit, I went back in to edit it and found an error.  (Yep me, word Girl, who should have known better to publish a post without a thorough edit…) mmm, maybe I thought it was free style at the time and I didn’t need to edit.  No, I’m just making excuses.  Here’s the blog   if you want to check what I wrote.

I was talking about a theoretical question, which could theoretically possibly work.  No one questioned me on it, but it still seemed a bit out of place.  I thought of rhetorical.  I really like that word, rolls off the tongue nicely.  A rhetorical question I learned from Webster’s’ is one that does not necessarily need an answer or only has one answer available.

Hypothetical has a meaning of uncertainty or a statement existing as an idea…not an actual or plausible statement.  So that is the correct word in this instance.  Please don’t send out the grammar squad.  I already have a couple of other similar violations, so I have to plead for leniency.


2 thoughts on “V is for Violation

  1. I didn’t catch it, and if I didn’t, I think you’re pretty safe. I am always mortified when I find things like that after the fact.

  2. It is always great to get your comments. I do feel that when something like this happens it is a teachable moment. My friend used tot say, “think before putting your brain in gear.” Same can be said for hitting publish.

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