Happy Birthday, America!





I’m an old girl now. I’ve celebrated 238 birthdays and everyone of them has been special. The years have gone by with surprising speed…that happens as you grow older. Why it seems like yesterday that I was young and had so many hopes for my future. I am told that the time of my birth was a painful one…that I was conceived amidst great turmoil.

I am told, that I grew quickly. And yes, this old girl had a lot of growing pains, but the hardships only made me stronger. There came a time of such great sadness that I thought surely I would be broken. But you can hardly see the scar now, although people keep the memory alive in stories and film.

My birthday cake has so many candles now; they explode in great displays of fireworks. And the songs that are played for me bring tears of joy to my eyes…especially when the children sing a special song about me that reminds me of how God has blessed me.

My day is celebrated with parades. Some are quite extravagant with dignitaries, marching bands and patriotic floats, but those I love best are the ones the little children put together in a tender show of their love for me.

What party would be complete without food? All I can say is the food that is served in celebration of my day is outstanding. My favorite dessert is a birthday cake that is decorated to look like the flag. It reminds me of the flag was sewn for me the year I was born and remains a most treasured gift.

I make a wish and blow out my candles. I know you should not tell your wish, but I want you to know that is for you. That you will live in peace and harmony. Take God’s blessing with you, my children.

Daily Post prompt for today: Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours?

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