Daily prompt: An Odd Trio

An Odd Trio

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

Word-Girl cannot turn down a challenge like this—even if it means getting derailed from the Alphabet–I can go back to that on Monday (I’m on X, so this will be a bit of fluff, and a respite from the letter a day challenge.)

2008-01-02 16.49.40

Violet relaxing with her Tabby friend


Fluffy could be the name of my cat, or perhaps Violet is more apt, being that she has such a sweet disposition. Almost too sweet to be a watch-cat which I need for my new “word museum,” I think she will  take on the challenge. I have observed her predatory nature and she will irradicate word pests that sometimes invade spaces like mine.  (You’ll be able to get a tour of my new word-museum if you tune in on Monday.)  I’m getting ready for the grand opening…have not come up with a proper name for my museum, so am counting on some suggestions from my readers.

Back to Violet–she does have such a sweetness about her–sometimes she is my muse…other times she watches my health and insists I get proper rest…she does this by crawling on my lap and staying until she makes sure I am asleep.  She is wonderful to bounce ideas of off, since she is a great listener.  She never interrupts, except to purr contentedly (her way of paying me a complement.)  She most likes it when we curl up on the couch and share a bowl of Alphabet Stories.  I think she will like this one–she is helping me write at the moment.  Having taken up residence on my lap, she refuses to move until it is finished and ready to publish.

She reminds me that there has to be a beach towel in this story, but really, what does she know about beach towels, or beaches for that matter? But never mind that fact. Violet is insistent and will not let me get away with a half done approach, so a beach towel it will be.

I put a towel over in the corner.  The towel just magically appeared in my bag, but hey, it’s Violet’s story so anything can happen.   Then being the curious kitty that she is, she circles it three times and sniffs it properly Maybe she detects some odor from the sea…a bit of kelp or dried fish. Satisfied, she steps onto the new bed, turns several times and gives it a good kneading before settling down for a well deserved rest.

I’m glad she had her way with the towel;  at least she is off my lap and I can get down to some serious writing.  I’m not sure this is entirely free of word pest, but then I won’t dare wake her…don’t they say let sleeping cats lie? Or is that dogs?  And just where did that little phrase come from?  Never mind for now …that’s a topic for the letter C–perhaps a look at colloquialisms.

So please come to the museums opening…no need to RSVP and the best news, it’s come as you are.  And if you want to say hi to Violet or have an idea for the museum’s name please leave a comment below.

Note: any similarity to actual events is purely coincidental.  Names have been changed to protect identities.


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