C is for Confession and Censorship

The time has come for a confession.  My alter ego, Word-Girl,  must be sent on her way.  Not that she did anything wrong; on the contrary, she was fun to have for a sidekick. Our fun began innocently enough several weeks ago when she  identified herself as a tour guide and used the name.   Apparently no one noticed…it was definitely not mentioned by any of you. After I discovered my error, I could have gone back and simply removed all references.  That would have been the easy thing to do.  However, I thought it a good lesson to pass along to others.  So here is the confession:  I used a trademarked name without checking.

So I did the unthinkable…I didn’t do any check online concerning the nickname I gave myself.  If I had just Googled it, I would have discovered it to be the name of animated show on PBS.   Here is the information  on Wikipedia if you would like to check out the background for the children’s TV series  Word Girl.  Yes, I will go back and expunge my mistake.  And in the future be assured that I will be careful about checking facts, however they are used in my blog.

As I was researching the above facts, I came up with  another topic.  Don’t my searches lead to unexpected ideas to blog about?  I came across an article in which the BBC, in attempt to be politically correct,  removed the word girl from a news story  covering an interview of  19 year-old Cynthia Rahming, a judo champion. In the original airing, the host made a statement made about being beaten by a girl. In future airings of the interview they bleeped the “g” word.  Some of the people interviewed thought the BBC’s  political correctness went a little too far, calling it silly, and novelist Kathy Lette said,  “If the athlete didn’t find it upsetting, why should the BBC mount their politically correct high horse and gallop off into the sanctimonious sunset?”

In view of this gender bias, I guess I would have to give up word girl…maybe call her Word-Person.

I’ve never minded being called a girl.  Even at the age where I’ve gained the title of grandmother, I still think of myself as a girl. And if I happen to have a friend who is female, I sometime refer to her as a girlfriend.  Susie Ormond, my favorite financier,  calls her women clients girlfriend.  Does that make us politically incorrect?  I would not argue with the idea of keeping most writing gender neutral.  So don’t jump on me for bringing this rather humorous point to your attention.

Does  all this gender bias bother me?  Not  much, because  it is fodder for me to blog about.  I’m curious about how the rest of you view this topic.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2640004/BBC-mauled-ruling-girl-offensive-word-MP-leads-growing-outcry-politically-correct-censorship.html#ixzz388RZeibu


12 thoughts on “C is for Confession and Censorship

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  2. My! I’d better be on my toes, too, in future.
    As to this bit from the BBC, it reminds me of a time when a high school student in Ontario filed a charge against her teacher when he said, “Good girl!” after she gave him the right answer in class. (Right now the name for that offense escapes me. Gender bias? Sexism?)

    • I think, after a lot of discussion with my daughter and son in law that using the word girl is condescending. I don’t know if the teacher in your example meant it as such.

  3. Sometimes we can all be a bit too PC. There is nothing wrong with being called a girl and when it is wrong, I’m sure the lady that wants to be called a woman, will tell us. 🙂 I’m sad that you have to get rid of your nickname though. That’s not fun.

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