I is for Instant Classic and other Oxymorons

As usual my original intention  faded into the background as I   set  out to explore the subject of inventions.

Instant Classic grabbed my attention and led me to lists of other oxymorons. The meaning of the word  oxymoron is pair of contradictory terms– from the Greek (oxy: sharp, moros: stupid or foolish). These pairings show up in our daily language, some being used to promote products.  Others collect them as little word trophies to give dramatic effect to their writing.

For example: Instant classic is a wanna be.  It has not gained status yet, but has caught on quickly and then may die off next week.  Some classics were not popular when they first appeared, but because of some sort of staying power went on to become favorites:  check out  these famous ones.

Moving on to  a few other phrases:

student teacher

non-stick glue: how do they get it to stick?

tough love

work party

deafening silence

calculated risk

Should you wish to explore more and find a few new examples, please leave them in the comments.

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