K is Keeping up Appearances

tea cupSome of the girlfriends from the neighborhood got together at  a coffee shop this morning.  After the usual catching up the conversation turned to housekeeping advice, specifically tile and grout maintenance.  Most of the kitchens in our tract have the same white tile, thus the same problems.  The solutions were discussed in length; I said that “I don’t have a problem with my tile” and they all want to know what I do to keep it looking good and I’m thinking to myself  ‘what do I use on my grout?’  when it the truth clicks in and I say “I don’t have tile!”  We laughed so hard, it brought tears.  We finally regained out composure, but it all started anew when the story had to be retold with a  lot of embellishment to one of our girlfriends who came in late.

This description probably does not sound that funny and as the saying goes, you would have to have been there.  We laughed so long and hard that two people at another table stopped by on their way out to comment on the fun we were having.


One thought on “K is Keeping up Appearances

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