L is for Life with Coffee

You know how all the kids get excited just hearing the jingle of the ice cream truck?  Well I would like that replaced with a coffee truck that comes through the neighborhood about four in the afternoon. Hearing the groovy sounds of Java Jive, I would race out to be first in line.  Double espresso with a shot of mocha, please.

Charged with a caffeine high I might then confront these issues.

  •  Sometime I complain a lot about  the complaining that I hear from people.
  • I have no tolerance for those who say they things that show zero tolerance. (Mainly people who complain about the fact that I am always complaining.)
  • An Ode to Marigolds…found this as a note to myself…have no idea if I’m supposed to write it, and if so what importance could be attributed to said flower.
  • I wrote a two sentence mystery:  “How do I get clear of the morass I’m in?  But the bigger question is, how did I get here?”  ( result of a writing challenge.)  (Actually has a ring of truth to it.) Caffeine is not helping here.
  • Why is a driveway a place to park your car and a parkway a street you drive on? I’d like a concrete answer to this conundrum.
  • If I’m not supposed to eat at midnight, why is there a light in the fridge?
  • While we are on the subject of snacking, you know those little candy bars that say fun size?  Wouldn’t fun size be big?

A sign at the local coffee-house proclaims “Drink Coffee! Do stupid things faster with more energy!”  Yep, I drink a lot of coffee. And that is certainly true.  I won’t complain about prices, even though coffee costs more per gallon that gas at the pump.

The only thing inflation hasn’t touched is “a penny for your thoughts.” So give your two cents worth in the comments. ( another question;  what is the meaning of the phrase talk is cheap?)

At the end of the day, there is really only one thing I should ask myself.  Well maybe two or three.  Have I showed compassion?  Have I loved enough? Have I made a difference? maybe one more.  Did I remember not to complain?


Got something to season my kettle of soup? Stir it in and savor the flavor.

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