U is for Unfathomable

The daily prompt is to fill in the blank.  Life is to short to______.  So my take goes something like this.  Life is to short to leave  it a blank.  I want my life to mean something.  When I die, I  hope  that I will be remembered for making a contribution…for filling up that space they call a dash…filled to the brim…bursting at the seams…full of  gratitude for it all I have been given.

How to even measure the unfathomable depths of God’s love and count his blessings?  If I were to try I might come up with this.

Y=Your daily rations of blessings

X= the days you have lived (365 times 76 years for me)

I can’t even pretend to write an equation or to calculate the answer for this.  My daily blessings begin before I even wake up and continue (often unnoticed) as I go through my busy day.

Sometime in the middle of pain or sadness I forget that there are still blessings (if only I take the time to look for them, they are there)  And having recognized them, so do I take the time to be aware?  And offer up any gratefulness?…  No, they sometimes just shoved to the back of my mind as I pursue some task that seems to have priority over the thing that appears insignificant at the moment.  So I have to do something about that.  Life is to short.

My son in law consistently writes about his blessings.  He is now at 580—on his way to 1000.  And when he gets there I hope he won’t stop.  I’m sure even by then he will not have plumbed the entire depths.  He can be found here. Professor Joe, you are a blessing to all who know you.  If you want to see how he began, here is 1 through 10.

And it is now up to me to take up the challenge.  My first ten on the way to a thousand.  It is only a small list.  But it will be a start.

  1. God’s abundant love for me.
  2. I woke up this morning.  At my age, each day is cause to celebrate.
  3. Joy of reading.  Need new glasses, but I can still enjoy:
  4. Sunsets as I walk each evening.
  5. My husband beginning his day in the kitchen making
  6. A cup of coffee each morning.  Then
  7. Hot biscuits with honey butter made by me .
  8. My new Pilates class at church.
  9. My dental hygienist who cared enough to invite me to the class.
  10. The fact that I can mange to do the exercise.

So my new plan is to add to this list.  Perhaps the best thing is to copy it on to a new page. Call it Alphabet Blessings. Follow along is you wish.

Prompt from the Daily Post.

2 thoughts on “U is for Unfathomable

  1. I like the idea of counting your blessings. I try to write each day something good I’ve done or that’s happened to me so that next year I’ll remember it. It sounds like what your son-in-law does… I recommend it! (And I like your alphabet concept for the blog, great idea!)

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