I is for “It’s me, God”

A lady who went to the doctor and was told she was healthy enough to live to be a hundred.  Well she thought, if that’s the case I think I have to make myself look better.   No time like the present.  So off she went to the plastic surgeon and got a nose job.  Then she had her teeth straightened.  She decided to go blond.  After dieting for six months, she hardly recognized herself.

A big shopping trip was next.  She went to Jarods for diamonds and then to Macys for a new wardrobe. Wearing her new fir, she exited the store and at the corner was crossing the street when she was run down by a delivery van.

Arriving in Heaven, she protested.  “It’s me, God. Margaret.  I’m not supposed to be here.  It’s a great mistake.  The doctor told me I’d live forever.

And God replied, “I’m so sorry, but you see, I didn’t recognize you.”

This is a story I heard years ago and thought it was a good answer to the daily prompt.  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/new-skin/

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