L is for Longed for Landscape

This morning we woke up to a glorious sight.  Snow covered our neighborhood, creating a winter wonderland.

Our wish for a white Christmas hadn’t come true this season, so we took advantage of this first snowfall, staying indoors and creating Christmas.  Yes, I admit there were no presents and all the decorations were tucked safely away for their long wait for another season.  But we created dinner, raiding the freezer and pantry for supplies.  Frozen turkey became moist under a rich gravy created from turkey stock.  Leftover frozen cornbread turned into a wonder stuffing, replicating what my mother used to make; garlic mashed potatoes  cooked by our houseguest, Nathan; and fresh cranberry relish were all stars on our dinner table.

No huge banquet table, just our everyday china, but with the spirit of Christmas warming us and feeding out souls.

4 thoughts on “L is for Longed for Landscape

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