O is Overhauling my Fabric Stash

I’ve had a on again/off again relation with my stash of fabric.  I love it and I hate it.  I hate that it makes me feel guilty–fabric that once made my heart go thump, thump–patterns that called out to me and I couldn’t wait to get it home. Then, once home, I moved on to other things that needed my attention.  That pile sat and waited for me to do something.  And I did. Eventually. Sewed a lot of quilt tops together that still wait to be sandwiched with batting, then quilted and bound.  Pieces that once stole my heart have been left behind, forgotten in the far reaches of my closet.  They yearn to be set free.  They need to be given to someone who will actually use them. Well, it had to come sometime and now that I found Kimberly’s advice on clearing out some of my accumulation of UFOs (Yep, I have those) and unused yardage (too, too much) and oodles of yarn, I have no excuse. It’s the best advice I’ve ever had at my fingertips.  If you want more info, check, it out here.  She shows you how to overcome your addiction in five easy (did I say easy?) steps. Hubby and I  talk about downsizing-preparing to move to a smaller place and free up our lives. So  saying this publicly may keep me on target.  I’ll post updates. Or Not.  I wrote this two days ago and haven’t pushed publish yet, because I can’t get past the first day.  Because I’m really good at making promises to my self and then putting things off (I have a BA in procrastination.)  But I plan to- I really do.  Again, I’ll keep you updated.

7 thoughts on “O is Overhauling my Fabric Stash

  1. I have the same problem in my spare room closet. I shudder to think of how many necessary items we could have purchased with the money I overspent on fabrics that called to me!

    On the other hand, I did find an eager person who has taken a lot of my scraps off my hands. and today I steeled myself and dumped out four (surplus) house-plants — another weakness of mine.

  2. I second sewandsee’s sentiments, you can do it! I can see my fabric stash on its way to being out of control but i live in a small flat so i have to be ruthless. Fabric swaps have served me well too. I have a mantra i try to stick to ‘if I’m not using something, then it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.’ That said, I try to stick to it but it doesn’t always work!

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