P is for Party’s Over

Time for the Dear John Fabric letter.  The advice Kimberly gives in Step 2 is to talk to your fabric, so here goes: I thought a letter would be less painful than face to face.

Dear Stash,
You once filled me with so much joy. I loved you the first time I laid eyes on you. You filled a need in my life for comfort. I craved the security you represented, though since I’ve learned it was only materialistic.  I’ve moved on to other things to fulfill my life.

Where I once needed to hold you and touch you, now you are just a hindrance to me.

While there was a time that I thought of nothing but you, I now have other dreams.

When I think about my plans for you,  I realize I have failed you miserably. The books I bought to teach me how to magnify your brilliance held such promise.  Now I see how useless they were if they were only going to sit on the shelf.

I have lead a life of deception to be with you. I’ve  hidden my addiction. Which isn’t healthy for either of us.  You have been  mistreated, and then  forgotten in my quest for newer and better substitutes for you.

My heart breaks at the thought of saying goodbye.  But it is time.  The party is definitely over.  I hope you can be strong.  I know you will be better in a new place.  Someone will love you again with the passion you deserve.


Your friend,


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