Once Upon a Time

2008-01-02 16.49.40

Once upon a time, we two cats lived in a quiet house with a man and woman who loved us very much.  But we were unhappy, having to endure day after day doing nothing, but eating and sleeping.

Not that we were totally unhappy.  There were comfy places to nap and food on demand and as a special treat were served tidbits of chicken and fish that the woman cooked for the man.

But it was all so boring.  Our mundane lives held not a bit of excitement, except once in a while, we were allowed to investigate the garage.

We remember a time when we were able to explore outdoors, but after an accident and a trip to the vet, we both had to spend our days indoors.

You can imagine the malaise we felt.

You can imagine how we yearned to be outdoors.

Then there was the added frustration of the big gray tom cat that roamed free and came daily to taunt us, as we could only watch as he climbed tree and chased birds and sunbathed on the warmth of the patio, right outside the window where we were kept imprisoned..

We decided there  needed to be a change.  Then we would show that grey cat who was boss.

We put out a call to our fairy catmother, who came to the rescue and performed a little magic with her fairy dust.  Toby was  turned into a prince of the jungle.

tiger picture

And in the ways of magic,  I became an author.

cat typing

And I am helping the woman write this blog.

I know this is similar to the previous post, but the prompt was to write a fairy tale, so I had to expand the idea.  Wanna check out other bloggers’  responses?  Click here.


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. I didn’t mean to deceive you. I wrote the first draft from my perspective, but when I found the picture of the cat at the keyboard, I had to let my cat be the author. Actually, she sits in my lap as I work at the computer, so you might say she is helping.

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