S is for Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a great story to read to children.  It certainly teaches the value of sharing.

The soldiers were great entrepreneurs.  They had  a   need (food) and   sold (so to speak) the villagers on the idea of contributing to the good of all, who thought they were participating in a form of magic.

My idea for  Stone Soup is to start with a small pebble of an idea and have you the reader contribute.  Perhaps leave a sentence or two in the comments to add to the fun.

I’m not sure this will even turn into some great stew, but it might be fun to try.

Anyone have a great sentence to begin our little collaboration… a little nugget to chew on?  Put it in the comments and stir in any other ideas you have.

So, I hope I have sold you on this idea.  Nays or yeas…let me know.


5 thoughts on “S is for Stone Soup

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