T is for Tackling the ……Monster

I imagine I’m Patsy Kline singing “I’m sorry I’m sorry”–to the fabric that has to go.

This is the day I start sorting into containers for goodwill, sewing friends, and putting aside for my future quilt projects.  The good news: I’m excited about some projects I can at last finish.

Part of the makeover is to have a system, which is the topic for day 5 of Kimberly’s  makeover. I have to decide on how to organize what  I’m going to keep.

I have some choices.  Clear containers are great-contents are visible. I have some plastic drawer units that I will keep, but reorganize.  I may not need as much storage space after most of it goes.

Thanks to my blogging friends who are cheering me on.  I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

2 thoughts on “T is for Tackling the ……Monster

  1. Well, can’t a girl be sentimental about her fabric? But yes you do make a point. Probably end up weeping into the velvets. Better to have the energy of the William Tell Overture to spur me to greatness.

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