W is for Where we make Stone Soup

Stone Soup –The Story

Chapter One

Where we stir in some magic

I have my pot of stones so to speak.  I’m waiting for some words to spice it up.  Since I’m on the letter W, will you join me in adding words that begin with that letter.

I thought of waitress and watch. What ingredients would you suggest?  If you have a prompt to get us started, we’d like to use it. Use the comment section for your contributions.  Thanks for joining in.



8 thoughts on “W is for Where we make Stone Soup

  1. Wunce upon a time, a young woman named Wendy, who worked as a waitress, wandered through a lovely woodland on her way to work. As she walked along the path, she stopped to watch a woodpecker at work, and to enjoy the wisteria blooms along the way. Then she met a wombat who informed her that his name was Walter…

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