Blank Page: The Movie (in one act)

Scene 1

A desk sits in front of the window.  On top, a fine layer of dust covers a stack of papers, a single unsharpened pencil beside it.


Blank page stares up at pencil.  “What’s the meaning of all this?”

Pencil:  “I don’t know.  It’s all so pointless.”

Page: “It does get depressing just waiting here.”

Pencil:  “Can’t you do something?”

Page: “Don’t point at me, it’s not my fault.

Pencil: “I’m depressed.  I’m no good without her.”

Page:  “Me too!  I feel so empty.”

Pencil:  “My life is pointless . . . ”

Page: “Would you stop saying pointless!”

Pencil:  “Would you rather I say eraserless?  She’s used that all up.  It’s rather sad.”

Page: “That’s so pointless!”

Pencil: “Don’t make fun . . . Hey! Did you here that?”

Sound of Coffee percolating.

Off stage:  “Honey, could you walk the dog this morning?  I’ve really got to write.”

Page: “Shh! Here she comes! Act like nothing’s happened.”

Pencil: (whispers)  “Might just be our lucky day.”

7 thoughts on “Blank Page: The Movie (in one act)

    • Scene two is rather mundane with the author sitting looking at the blank page. Scene three is where she sharpens all her pencils. Scene four she sits and looks out the window. Scene five she makes another pot of coffee. Scene six-twilight fades on another wearisome day for the pencil and paper. At least the former got sharpened. All the paper got was a coffee stain.

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