Stone Soup Update using the letter W

Stone Soup Update

Wunce upon a time, a young woman named Wendy, who worked as a waitress, wandered through a lovely woodland on her way to work. As she walked along the path, she stopped to watch a woodpecker at work, and to enjoy the wisteria blooms along the way.

Suddenly on the path before her appeared a wombat who winked at her in a winsome way. “Who are you?”  Wendy said.

“My name is Walter the Wombat,” he  said.

“But shouldn’t you be asleep?  I thought wombats are nocturnal?”  Wendy asked.

“Having a bad day, can’t sleep a wink.  I’m worried about bestowing my quota of wishes.”

“What are you talking about? Wishes?”

“Most people aren’t interested these days.  No one believes in me anymore.  In fact when they see a talking wombat they usually turn and run.”

“You are rather scary!  Jumping out like that.” But what about the wishes?” Wendy asked.

“I like that you didn’t run away though . . . stayed and talked. In return for being nice, “I can grant you three wishes…What will you wish for?”

“Oh, my goodness.  I’ll have to think.”

“Wisdom . . . hmmm . . . then is that your first wish?” asked Walter.  “You already seem smart, no need to waste a wish . . .”

“Oh, no!  I wasn’t wishing for that.  Just that I need some time . . . ”

“Time then.  I can grant you all the time you need.  Here I’ll even throw this in…..”  Walter reached in his waistcoat (all respectable wombats wear waistcoats) and brought out a large gold watch on a chain.”

Wendy sighed, “You really are behind the times.  No one uses watches anymore.  They have cell phones.”

“Well, do you need one of those?  It would take me some time of course, but I’m true to my word.  I’ll get you one.”

“Will you stop interrupting! I’m trying to think of something,” Wendy said.

“I was beginning to think this would be my lucky day. But is you won’t make up your mind, we can’t just stand here all day.  Please make up your mind.  I have to get some rest.”


That’s the story so far.  There’s a lot more to add to make a delectable stew of words.  What would you add? (following the W rule)  Thanks to Heather, Christine and Ordinary Miracle for their contributions.


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