E is for Ending

You may remember that the last time through the alphabet, I wrote a little unfinshed tale about a cat.  Then I wrote another post in which I apologised for leaving you hanging.

Now, I’m going to try and tie up the loose ends in a little bit of poetry:

The  table awaited six hungry guests,

The hostess had prepared her very best

To satisfy any epicure

Martha had made a soup she was sure

  That flavored with rosemary and thyme

Would be sublime.

But then a guest she did not invite,

(How could the cat know he was impolite?)

Jumped on the table, giving them fright?

This saboteur

Was a connoisseur

Of  delicious smells

This Jezebel

(For that was her name)

With much shame

Was banished from the house

By the reluctant spouse,

And of the guests who did retreat

only one sat down to eat.

Old Mrs. Totten

Who by now had forgotten

The entire scene

Took seconds from the turreen

Sat and ate her meal alone

And wondered where

everyone else had gone.

9 thoughts on “E is for Ending

      • I think she’s in high school — maybe in a foreign country — and fears she may flunk her Grade Twelve exams because English (of French) is so hard.

        Either that or she’s a party planner and is organizing a fun fest for some celebrity and things aren’t coming together. Take your pick. 🙂

          • You could have fun with that — esp if the celebrity gains or loses weight meanwhile, or wants certain features enhanced and certain others downplayed. As one catty columnist said, “Most older teen girls want to look like a strand of spaghetti with two marbles attached.” 🙂

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