Stone Soup with the letter F

I’ve put on a new pot of word stew to simmer on the back burner.  Yes, I know I haven’t finished the story based on W (still working on that, so stay tuned.)  My good friend Christine Goodnough made some great suggestions for the letter F, so here goes.  Three different scenarios.  I don’t know which one to choose.

Christine says, “So tomorrow you are facing “F”. How about a fable about Fatima and whatever fate she may be facing. . .   she’s in high school — maybe in a foreign country — and fears she may flunk her Grade Twelve   exams  because English (of French) is so hard.

Either that or she’s a party planner and is organizing a fun fest for some celebrity and things aren’t coming together.”

 Another idea: Fatima, just arrived from France and not knowing much English, decides to break into the fashion industry by bringing her designs to Fiona’s Fashions the newest store on 5th Avenue.
Any suggestion to add to the story line?

2 thoughts on “Stone Soup with the letter F

    • Franco De Francisco, the world’s first with the fashionistas! But he only want’s her to sew his designs, as he has observed her correctness in sewing a fine seam. And he is jealous of her designs and had ulterior motives! The plot thickens…

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