H is for Hasty Decision (Part 2 of Stone Soup)


The last time we were with Wendy  (part 1) she was face to face with Walter, a very sleepy wombat.  (Two new words were suggested.  Thank you Heather for “wild and worthy.” ) I will attempt to use them.

“I neeed time to think,” sighed Wendy.

“Well, hurry up! Time’s a wasting.” The wombat still held the watch in his paw and looked at it, then squinted at the sun overhead.

“I need something worthy to wish for. Hmm. . . I’m really tired of this waitress job.  The tips are lousy. and my feet hurt.”

“So bigger tips so you can buy comfortable shoes, eh?”

No that’s not my wish.  Something else.  A new job.  One that lets me sit all day.  How about making me a writer?”

“Finally! You’re sure about that . . . the writing thing?”

“Oh, yes!  I’ve always wanted to write.” Wendy said.

Poof! A typewriter appeared in the wombat’s outstretched arms.

“What’s your second wish?”

“Hey, I didn’t ask for a typewriter.  No one uses those things anymore.”

“Can’t take it back.  Unless of course you want to use another wish to make it go away.”

“Never mind then. . . I  guess it will do.”

“Two to go, so what is the next wish?” the wombat asked, rather impatiently.

“I’d like to be able to travel. Go on a wild adventure.”

Poof!  A motorcycle appeared before her.

“What?”  Wendy exclaimed.

“For your wild adventure, of course!”

“That’s not what I meant.  I want to be somewhere exotic.”

Poof!  Actually a very large poof. After the smoke cleared away, Wendy looked around. All she could see was water licking the shore; behind her a palm tree; beside her the typewriter and a pile of paper and the distant sound of laughter wafting away on the ocean breeze.

Wendy sighed, placed a piece of paper in the roller and began to type:  “Wunce upon a time there was a young woman named Wendy. . . ” She stopped typing and thought, “Why didn’t I wish to be a better speller?”

Hope you enjoyed that little collaboration with friends.  Tune in next time for the story of Fatima.

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