P is for Place

Green Acres is the place to be.  Hard livin’ is the life for me. (Video here)  Yep, back then that was a favorite TV show that many families sat down to watch.  We watched as Eddie Albert character and his wife played by Eva Gabor move from New York out to the country side.  A rural farm in Hooterville, blessed with crumbling buildings and a menagerie of animals, were fodder for all kinds of fun.

A movie with a somewhat similar theme was Mr. Blanding Builds his Dream House.  Cary Grant gets a lot of laughs as he tries to make a county estate out of a ramshackle house, while his long suffering wife played by Myrna Loy gets a lot of sympathy.

There are some great stories detailing lives disrupted by moves.  Adam and Eve leaving Eden to make a life outside the place where their every need was met.  I can imagine some funny exchanges as they set up housekeeping in the desert.  “Did you forget the milk?  And the fruit?  Well it’s too far to go back now!”

Then there was Noah building his dream ark.  Wife patiently waiting till they could get on board. And packing would definitely be a problem.  To make room for all the food that the animals would need, she probably had to leave her mother’s  best set of English china.

Moving along their was Abraham pitching a move to his wife Sarah.  And we can’t forget the forty years in the wilderness in the Israelites search for a new home.

So now to the question hubby and I face as we look anxiously into the future.  We have to downsize. After fifty years of living  we have accumulated so much  STUFF.  When we moved to our present location 7 years ago we got rid of a lot that we didn’t want to move.  Now we must go through it all once again and say goodbye to even more. It’s hard sending my things away, but necessary.

Then we have to decide on where.  The place is the big decision.  Texas? Arizona? Oregon?  The desert or the coast? Small house vs. condo?  A chance for change is what it comes down to.  An easier life in an easier climate.  A place in the sun.  Hey, that was another movie.

4 thoughts on “P is for Place

  1. Getting rid of “stuff” can be very stressful… sometimes we have so many memories tied up with that stuff, it’s not easy to just let it go. I think it helps if we give it to people who may appreciate it – a friend of mine took a china cabinet that had belonged to my mother and it wasn’t easy for me to get rid of, but I was moving into a studio apartment and there was no room for anything. She loved the china cabinet and was thrilled to get it, so it helped me to “let it go”. I hope you’re moving to a nice, warm climate 🙂

  2. I remember “Green Acres.” I must have got the second line wrong, though, because in my memory bank it’s “Farm livin’ is the life for me. Land spreadin’ out so far and wide…”

    As I’ve said here already, I know all about collections that must be gotten rid of. So you’re going to make a complete change — of climate as well as house. When will the big move be? Here’s wishing you much joy in your new place.

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