R is for Redundant

I’d like to introduce Marcia Riefer Johnston  and hope you will visit her site www.Writing.Rocks  which features her new book “You Can Say That Again” and this page—http://writing.rocks/buy-book/—which announces the April Fools’ Day release date.
Marcia displays a humorous attitude  while tackling serious writing subjects. “You Can Say That Again” gives the reader “750 Redundant Phrases to Think Twice About.”  She will entertain while instructing.  She says,
               “We don’t intend to insult readers, so why do we do it?
                Because we’re thinking about our meaning, not our words.
                In the great stew of language, words with similar meanings
                stick together. When we dip into the pot, we often scoop
                out more than we need.”
I know this is true, because my own little stew contains a multitude of redundant phrases.  Can you find the offense in my last post?  No prize if you do but you can let me know in the comments. I’ll laugh along with you.

2 thoughts on “R is for Redundant

  1. Arvilla, I’m delighted that you got pleasure from my book. It makes me smile that you could laugh at your own redundant phrase in your previous post (right in the first line related to your key word, yes?). I hear redundancies coming out of my own mouth all the time. It’s a rich life we lead when we learn to laugh at ourselves. Thanks for the post.

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