U is for Unthought

Poetry can sometimes take my breath away.  Pausing to savor the taste and texture of the words.  Words that never lose their flavor, but stay with me, the sweetness on my tongue.

Feelings flowing across the page waiting for me to devour them, digest them, store them away so they will always be available to  nourish my tired soul.

I want to write with that intensity.

Say something that would cause someone to feel and taste the world in a new way.

Show how thoughts can become action.

I read one of my favorite blogs this morning and it prompted this post. Thanks to the writer of Polka Dot Palace who writes with honesty and makes me ponder and laugh at unthought-of questions  that I now know the answer to. I’ve enjoyed reading her posts since 2012.  She does write with intensity, causing her reader to feel and taste the world in a new way.

4 thoughts on “U is for Unthought

  1. I do appreciate your visits and comments that are added. I have to admit that I sometimes don’t take the time to comment on posts, especially if there are many. One just has to choose which ones. I get a lot of likes, which are appreciated. Thank you for today’s comment.

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