W is for What Viewpoint

I would like to follow up on the prompt from yesterday (titled V is for Viewpoint.) It was rather lazy of me (smile) to simply repost another’s work for my word viewpoint. I could have gone ahead and just answered the prompt, but the demands of the day would not give me sufficient time to finish a post.  And I didn’t even know how to begin to explain how I view myself.

How we view ourselves is somewhat dependent on how we think others perceive us.  How we fit inside the parameters that society or religion place us.  Sometimes I wonder how my views would be if I were raised in another place. (or time.)

I grew up in a small conservative town raised by two conservative parents who took me to a small conservative church twice a week.  My view of others reflect my values of right and wrong.  But my viewpoint may at times be a little skewed, unless I take the time (to use a well worn cliché) to walk in someone else’s well worn shoes.

As I get older I’ve changed.  Traveling to different countries and immersing yourself in their rituals does that.  Had tea in the home of displaced farmers who were moved from their tranquil country home to a crowded apartment complex in Beijing, China.  They thought themselves blessed to be on the first floor with a tiny plot of earth to plant a few things.  (My husband and I will move soon to a much smaller place, but I digress.  I’ll write more on that later.)

A visit to Russia taught me about a culture whose people have survived living under dictatorships and yet their attitude was positive. (This was a few years ago…not so sure if that is the case now.) We enjoyed having coffee and pastries in a small country kitchen, hosted by a woman whose son had died in the war.

So how I view myself;  Sometimes I am still the shy little girl who never defied the rules or upset the status quo. I hold my tongue and don’t say what I really feel.  Other times I am outspoken and the authority I had in my classroom appears. I like to be in control. Sometimes I am seen as overly critical. But I also want to be understanding of others. And I can learn from listening to their viewpoint.


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