X is for Xerotic

dry lake


No it is not an X rated event. or dance. I will not be writing about anything of that sort.
Actually it means dry and arid. Maybe how California feels right now. Sometimes how one’s life can feel. To keep trying to keep posts topical and interesting is difficult. But I continue on, hoping that what I have to say is relevant. And contrary to today’s prompt I will be using a lot of three letter words, beginning with cat.

I think sometimes it would be nice to be my cat. Actually I have two. One loves to sleep all day and if he can find a spot on my lap is content and won’t move until he is forced to. The other younger female loves to play and also sleep anyplace there happens to be a patch of sunlight. Of course they both like to eat having been fed on demand all their lives. Currently we are trying to reduce the intake of food. They, like the owners have spent too much time enjoying the good life. The owners feeling that they must set an example are also trying to lose some excess poundage. And hubby does go to the gym (past the age of 80, it is quite remarkable. I try to walk everyday. Not that remarkable, but it is what I do.)  I really do think it would be nice to be my cat. Cats don’t have to worry about exercise or why there is a drought in California or try to come up with a new topic for the days writing. (Today the daily prompt said to write without using a three letter word.)  What?!  And not mention cat?! or nap?  I decided my topic was much more doable.

“You do have a tendency to ramble,” you say.

You’re right about that, so I will try to get back to my topic of xerotic. Actually word check does not recognize this word. But according to the newest edition of Scrabble approved words,  it is a word, as well as the related entry xerosis.  I can’t wait for the opportunity to use those exact tiles.

Digressing again am I? That is easy to do when you have hundreds of topics vying for attention. Again, a cat’s life would be pleasant. . .the only pressing problem in his life is how to escape through the front door, or how to get another serving of food in his bowl. My pressing problem is to escape through the front door and worry about what to cook for dinner.  You see how much alike we are. (I have even been caught napping.)

Back to California.  I think they will have to go to rationing.  My heart goes out to the farmers especially.  It will be difficult for those who depend on water for their livelihood.  And a strain on the food supply.

But moving on to happier thoughts.

My life however is anything but dry and arid.  A new grandchild (a long awaited boy) will soon arrive.  I’ll be making a trip to Texas soon to be with my daughter through her last month of pregnancy.  During that time I may not have time to write posts.  We will see.  In the meantime I have time to finish this series of A through Z.

Lastly, a laugh for the day. . .related to my letter X. Enjoy while I go take my walk, nap and dream about what I’m having for dinner.

Xy algerbra

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