Z is for Zelda Wisdom

“Old age comes at a very bad time.”  Zelda
Recently I read this quote and I went on a search to find out more about the author. What I found out is Zelda is a thirteen year old English Bulldog who lives with Carol Gardner. I found the website here. Then I decided it was worth of a post and it fits my letter Z.  Nice.

I discovered that beauty is more than skin deep.  Though she commands a spot on the fashion scene, inside Zelda is a loving heart.  She is therapy dog and also raises money for doggy charities.

So I chuckled as a clicked through the pages of the site.  Dear Zelda Archives is the doggy version of “Dear Abby” and offers up some timely advice.  Check out the Day to Day Dogma and if you wish you can sign up for the daily wisdom. Nice again.

For a final treat watch the Youtube video where Carol Gardner talks about how she began her business.  I love how the video comes full circle and ends with the above quote.  I did not plan that.  I don’t think I could have planned it better.


Got something to season my kettle of soup? Stir it in and savor the flavor.

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