C is for Copy Cats

cats posing 001Toby and Noel, who sometime appear in my posts,  sat with me while I read the posts about switching places. (Visit that prompt here.) They have since hinted they’d like their own blog like “The Cat Chronicles.” Of course I said no.  They pointed out the fact that other human bloggers got to trade places, so why not them?

I explained that it wasn’t an actual move, that it was just a writing prompt.  That we bloggers weren’t really trading places . . . just that it was a writing exercise, using the prompt to spawn new ideas.  But we want to do that too, they said, spawn ideas, whatever that is.

They love new situations, but then sometimes get frightened and go into hiding.  I pointed that out to them. I know they were thinking of all the joys the Swiss cats had; roaming into the gardens catching butterflies and mice for dinner.  But Toby and Noel are not outdoor cats. They have a good life other cats might yearn for. For instance the neighbor’s cat, a grey Tom spends a lot of time outside.  He comes over and sits on the patio.  My cat’s do not like him. Fortunately they have a glass wall separating them.  I reminded Toby about his escape and the resulting scrape he got himself into and then how he had to be taken to the vet.  The fee was enough to buy ten new pair of shoes.

I also reminded them that they aren’t that sociable and to consider a visit to the Swiss cats’ homeland is not something in their future.  So then, why can’t we at least start our own blog? We are back where we started. I say that blog would be rather boring, since all they do is eat and sleep with an occasional encounter with a small spider.  Mostly they are recluses.  How interesting would that be?  They come back with the statement, that I spend a lot of time alone, doing something with a tablet and pencil, eschewing even conversations with my husband. And you seem to think you are interesting, they say.  They have a point.

But, I tell them that if they began their own blog, they would be copy cats and in polite society that is generally frowned upon.

In the end I promise to post their latest photo at the beginning of this post.  That seems to satisfy them and after a trip to their food bowl, they settle down for a well deserved nap.005

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