D is for Don’t Stop Asking

The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Let’s play a game of guess who the author of that quote is.

  • This person had speech difficulty and did not speak till the age of four.
  • Failed a college entrance exam (according to a few sources.)
  • Played the violin
  • Worked in the US Patent Office
  • Won the Nobel Prize in 1921
  • Died in 1955
  • His famous brain was stored for many years in a jar according toWikipedia

By now you may have guessed Albert Einstein. I learned a lot about him while creating this.  His curiosity led him to consider questions never before asked.  I found that curiosity is its own reward.

I’d like to share a little poem I wrote titled


Live long enough, you’ll not find

answers to all life’s questions

But live long enough,

you may well ask new questions.

Live long enough,

you will discover

answers don’t really matter

for when you’ve

lived long enough

you’ll know

Curiosity is what the journey

is all about.

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