M is for Making “Fakin’ Bacon Gluten Free Pizza”

bacon pizza

I recently entered the (new for me) land of the “Gluten” free. So for this blog, my kitchen will be the spot where my blog begins.

We already had “jenny O’s brand turkey bacon on hand.  This was diced and sliced and layered with cheddar and olives on top of a mock alfredo sauce that we made with rice flour and butter, herbs and garlic powder sprinkled in.  You might like to know that I ground rice in my Vitamix  (heavy duty blender) for the sauce.  It looked and worked just like the gluten free rice you can purchase, but less money obviously.  Any thing gluten free in the bakery line is a little pricey and to find a alternate is always good.

We had a lot of sauce and so we made a second pizza.  A garlic chicken and feta cheese with fresh baby arugula on top.chicken pizzaThe crust was gluten free also which started with a purchased rice flour blend. (Red Mill or King Auther are good choices)  We just googled gluten free pizza crust and up came tons of recipesto choose from.  The one we used was pretty straight forward beginning with yeast in warm water.   Or you could take the easy road and buy Udi’s gluten free pizza crust.

There still might be some leftover slices, if someone else didn’t get to the fridge first.  Excuse me while I go get a snack.


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