O is for Oh, those Blogging Blues



I simply cannot decide on what to write about today. (Michelle tackles this subject here.)  The Daily prompt suggests to write about being a rock.  Whoopee.   I wished they had ask us to write about my  life as a car.  I think I could have managed that.  But I don’t think I would describe myself as a rock.

SerendipiTee already did a superb job of that, choosing of all things soapstone to describe herself.  If I used that prompt I would might choose some exotic gemstone, but wouldn’t that be bragging?  Approaching this prompt, I would have described myself as pebbles.  Each one a different aspect of myself. Each one a representing a moment in my life.  I see a beach strewn with pebbles.  Many represent poignant times in my life. Some are polished, shaped by the hard stones that they rubbed against.  Some are the hard stones themselves, jagged, ugly representing sides of myself I had rather not remember.  There are ones that if held to the light are translucent showing a need to be open and honest.  There might be geodes that inside would show my true inner being. Those are not always easy to find. And I don’t always find it easy to open myself.

But there is my life, (my life as a beach) waiting for the tides to come in and wash everything clean. Allowing God to work wonders in my life.  And just maybe there will be some gems hiding there.

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