P is for Party Time


Today’s prompt to write about ingredients came just as I completed the following poem.  I haven’t title it yet.  Party Time will do for now. Actually, I love entertaining.  I enjoy sharing my kitchen with friends and family who spice our foods with secret ingredients and most of all love.  Hope you are entertained by my poem.

Too many cooks in the kitchen,

Too  many hands in the stew,

Too much spice in the fixin’s

Too much left to do.


Too little time till the guests come,

Too little room at the table

Too little food for everyone

Stir the gravy if you are able.


Set another place, please

Put the flowers on the table

Set the ham out of the oven

Just as soon as you are able.


Get the ice out for the sodas

Boil the water for the tea.

Be sure to make the coffee

Strong enough for Uncle Lee.


Oh my, the doorbells ringing

And we’re really in a bind!

We forgot the butter for the rolls–

I hope nobody minds.


All the food  is ready

Though the turkey’s a bit raw,

And the frozen mashed potatoes

Need a little time to thaw.


If we can hold off dinner

for an hour or two

Get the appetizers out

They will have to do.


The food was ate with gusto,

The drinks they made a splash.

And now the party’s over

And I’m about to crash.


Too tired to do the dishes

Too tired to even move

Too tired; I need to make a wish, it’s

Just to sit and muse.


Fill up my glass of wine dear.

Fill it to the brim.

Fill up a tub of water

To soak my tired feet in.


A toast to all the family

And blessings to my friends.

And grace to last to next year,

When we do it all again.


Got something to season my kettle of soup? Stir it in and savor the flavor.

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