S is for Stone Soup brought to you be the letter S

saffronHaven’t started a new story in a while.  It’s about time.  S needs to play a prominent role in our story.  Supporting cast are the letters R, T and U since they are in such close proximity. For starters, I remembered a comment back in March 2015  from Neerja.  Thank you Neerja, for using S for Soldiers and saffron.  The only thing I would change is the girls name (it would start with R to follow the rules.)  Or U could work. . . Ursula or Uma.  (We also need to know how old she is–not that it matters right now.) She could be a child or much older.

I like the scene.  The crunch of the clay makes me think that it was a very dry year.  And I like the saffron. No research to back this, but maybe saffron grows with little water.  (We may have to put that aside and just continue with the story.)  There’s the R.  The rains had not come for some time even though prayers for rain had been said.  (No need for umbrellas–but that is not a part of the story.)

So enough chatter. . . let’s begin with this season of need.  Please add to the story in the comments.

(Please note that this will be an entirely different story line than the original Stone Soup.  No stones will be harmed in the writing of this story)


neerja2014 says:

It was harvest season when the soldiers came. Laila heard the boots crunching on the clay and without turning around she ran as fast as she could, clutching the flower she had just picked – saffron.

11 thoughts on “S is for Stone Soup brought to you be the letter S

  1. I’m slow this week. Are you still working on this? How about her saving something from the tyrant’s soldiers. They are ubiquitous.
    So where can she secrete it from their relentless searches? Undaunted, Roona stashes her treasure under a tea tree.

          • Just a thought:
            We could “whole hog” here. She’s stashing away her tiara. Rightfully, she’s a princess, but the throne-usurping tyrant has banished the former Royal Family to slave labor. Everything was taken from them but Roona did manage to sneak her tiara out in an old soup tureen.

            If you’d rather Roona be a pauper, you could just have her secreting away the family’s precious rice so they don’t starve —or their saffron (a very costly spice, I understand.) This she has hidden in a small terra cotta tureen, under the tea tree.

            She tips over the stone sculpture (or sundial?) that sits under the tree and, with her small spade, digs a hole and tucks the tureen into it.

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