U is for Unfortunate

tea tree


This is the ongoing saga of  Roona.  For the beginning check here and here.  Part of the story may be in the comments.


Poor Roona.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get back to her hiding spot.  The villagers were all rounded up and taken to an internment camp.  She returned years later to find her village burned to the ground.  The only thing left standing was the little tea tree, spared by the distance from the village.  It had grown tall in her absence and now provided shade for any visitor who happened by.  The treasure lay hidden somewhere among the roots and she searched for something to dig with.

What happens next is up to you, dear reader.  What does fate have in store for our heroine? The comment section is waiting for your donation to the stew.

3 thoughts on “U is for Unfortunate

  1. I’m very behind in my e-mails. Are you still working on this story?

    Here’s a happy ending:
    A very bedraggled youth comes wandering into the scene, someone who was far away at the time of the internment and so far has avoided capture. Roona informs him of what happened to the village people. Together they dig up the treasure and use part of it it to pay for their voyage to a better world.

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