Monday FTS

He thought he had found the perfect hiding spot. New to his new home, he had not made friends with the other creatures who lived there.  Only the man named Steve who had picked him up on the dirt rode that ran past the cabin.  The lady in the cabin said some unkind words and would not came near him.  He heard Steve tell her everything would be alright.  The lady barked angry words back at his friend.   He decided he didn’t like her.

He tried approaching the other furry inhabitant, but it hissed at him and arched its back.  He didn’t like that one either.  The lady came rushing over and picked it up and murmured sweet sounds as she cuddled it. Then she kicked at the dog. He slunk away and found his spot.

He was safe.


12 thoughts on “Monday FTS

  1. It is hard sometimes for a cat to integrate into a new home. I enjoyed this story! One correction if I may? 🙂 Change rode to road. Thank you for writing again for the Mondays Finish the Story challenge and I hope that you join in again next week. Be well… ^..^

  2. A bit of confusion here. Did she kick the dog they already had, or did she kick this newcomer, a lost dog Steve brought home? And is there more to the tale, or shall we imagine everyone integrated in time?

    • Oh wow, It is a muddle. Lets say the newcomer was not appreciated. Even hiding didn’t really solve the problem. How do you hide a smell.
      after the husband was in the doghouse for his actions everything cooled off and peace reigned. But not until the dog had the ritual bath and flea bomb.

  3. Well, posting this was risky. I didn’t have time to fine tune it. You can read it several ways, as various readers pointed out the discrepancies. Just use your imagination for whatever ending you wish. Hope it was enjoyed anyway.

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