A is for Anchovies and Toast?


Tha’t what my friend said when I  told her something. She said, “anchovies and toast?  What’s that?”  Her misquote of what I said was so hilarious.  I quickly jotted sown the words just so I wouldn’t forget the moment.  But you will laugh…I forgot to write down what I actually said.  So I tried to reconstruct the conversation.  Got no clue what it was I said.

So I thought I might make it a game and ask you dear reader to come up with the words I may have said.  Wanna Play Along?  Leave your thoughts in my pot of stew.  I’ll choose a funny one or two and write a post about it.

You may also just choose to tell your own funny story about being misquoted. I’ll post one of those also.

PS.  Just now, I googled my title out of curiousity and laughed when a plethora of images came up.  Never knew anyone would actually eat this.  I would never.  But I can always say I learned something new.

Got something to season my kettle of soup? Stir it in and savor the flavor.

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