Adventures in Moving

We’ve lived on Warbler Lane exactly eight years.  Moved in on August 8, 2007.  Mayflower came and packed up everything today.  The move begins tomorrow as they load a truck bound for our new place in Oregon. We’ll be on the road the following day.

The challenge of downsizing began last winter when I blogged about how I tried to separate myself from the tenacious threads that held me in bondage to my fabric.  Of course I had difficulties.  Told myself that I was being materialistic.  (All sewers are, right?) Read here and here of my efforts.  I confess to never completely surrendering.  It was just the past few weeks that I really got serious and narrowed my stash to a manageable size.

Yards of yards of fabric, lace and ribbons were sold, donated and given away.  I’m glad to report some of my flannel made it into boxes bound for their new home.

Crafting with Friends

In the midst of all this I made time to spend crafting with friends.

Sage and Fiona

August 2015

Coffee with Friends Old and New

In an effort to get rid of my yarn I hosted a yarn party at our favorite coffee shop.  I invited friends and neighbors and when we gathered I treated them to coffee with the stipulation that had to indulge me and take some yarn.  The first group to arrive formed a large group at the counter calling out their complicated coffee orders.  The children ordered hot chocolates and Italian sodas.  Meanwhile several people came in and waited patiently for our group to be served.  I decided to include them as a thank you for having to wait.  Of course they had to take yarn.


The idea snowballed (or yarnballed) and anyone venturing in for coffee was met with a gift of yarn and free drinks.  The first was the chaplain of the community fire department.  Then  this biker biker

He took yarn for his daughter.

The kids had the greatest time drawing on a wall which is covered ceiling to floor in whiteboard.  (Pens provided)  Artistic endeavors encouraged.  Someone had previously drawn a huge tree and the kids decorated the branches with their art.



Hats with Friends

Annie, my neighbor came one day and critiqued  my wardrobe of coats helping me decide as I tried each one on.  Patience in a friend is a virtue.  In return she tried on a bunch of hats and chose several.  When she tried this one on she said it reminded her of a flapper.


This has been a tearful journey.  Mostly good tears of joy and gratitude for all the friends we have here.   But even though their are heartaches, we look forward to new adventures in our new town.

One thought on “Adventures in Moving

  1. Moving can be so stressful and it’s not easy to say goodbye to friends. What a wonderful idea to do all those things with your friends, especially the coffee shop idea. I’m sure they’ll all remember those good times. 🙂

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