Monday FTS

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“I see absolutely everything. 

There is a trace of pathos in this. 

The world spread before you

exposing the good and the bad. 

And no ability to speak of it.  

Secrets lodged over time  meshed

In convoluted ways.

Twisted truths.

Layers of lies.

Humanity disgraced.

Humanity needing redemption.

My eye sees it all.


Note: This did not reach the requisite 100 words, but hope you will enjoy anyway.  This was a tough prompt.

19 thoughts on “Monday FTS

  1. A beautiful poem. 🙂 I too love the line ‘And no ability to speak of it’ – it really does create the sense of pathos you mention at the beginning. Well done.

  2. I like the way you talk about secrets. We all had a secret at one point or another – and the longer one keeps them, the harder it gets to come clean – lodging us into a circle of twisted truths that one day we ourself may start to believe.

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