Monday FTS

2015-08-24 - Photo taken of an old photo in 2014 - Barbara W. Beacham

 The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be Alphabet Story’s choice for a post. 


Luigi was a lonely child, born last and late in a family of girls.  All but one sister had grown up and married.  When he arrived so late in his parents life, they were surprised. Lucinda at twelve years wanted nothing to do with a runny nosed little brother and ignored him as best she could; so basically he was an only child.

He was left to devise his own past times.  No one paid much attention to him as he grew up.  He learned the pleasure of books at an early age and spent most of his time alone in his room devouring stories of mythical heroes.

When he missed meals Lucinda was sent to summon him down to the table. He refused and the household learned to tolerate his behavior.

Luigi’s  self-imposed exile to his upstairs bedroom suited his quiet nature.  His interest in the strange lands he read about became an obsession.

His parents, however hard they tried to interest him in other activities, could not change how he felt about his make-believe world.

Inspired by the stories he read, Will requested paper and pencils and began sketching illustrations detailing the adventures. His father saw a glimmer of genius, his mother observed his passion; they bought him paints and canvases.

Paintings at first fanciful,  grew more strange, depicting an extraordinary landscape inhabited with fantastic creatures. Concerned, his parents began to notice a likeness of their son in the paintings.

What his plans were, dear reader, I only have a hint of, but since he chose to paint himself into my post, it became clear that the end did indeed include misfortune.  And most lamentably, one evening after a long day at his easel, he was not to be found. His brushes lay scattered on the floor in front of his latest painting and the image on the canvas-paint still wet- stared back at his viewers with Luigi’s triumphant eyes.

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