MFTS-Mahem at the Skagway

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

  The A&B Building was made entirely from the driftwood. Now if you believe that, there is a bridge   . . . Stop laughing.  And just listen to my tale.  You see, it was like this.  Old Thomas Merton began the original structure back in the early days of the town.  He didn’t live to see its completion. He was murdered; shot in the back. His body was found on the beach below the town.  They never found who did it.  And they never found the money stolen from Thomas.

Tom had a brother, James; an eccentric according to some.  Or just plain crazy.  I’ll leave it up to you.  James had no money to bury his brother and poor Thomas was laid to rest in a pauper’s grave.

So with no money left to complete  what his  brother had started, James hauled driftwood from the beach and constructed the outer walls.

Some believe they know who the real murderer was; that the efforts of a crazy brother was meant as a cover for what actually happened.

But that’s all history.  However it did give the town this curiosity.  Now if you’ll just come this way you may be able to see the ghost of Thomas at the top of the stairs.

12 thoughts on “MFTS-Mahem at the Skagway

  1. I really like the ambiguity of what happened. Maybe James did kill Thomas or maybe it was someone else. Maybe the ghost is real and maybe it isn’t. Just like a real ghost story or legend, we’ll never know.

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