MFTS-Storm Ahead

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:  “Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.”

Thanks, Barbara, for another challenging prompt.

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island or about the witch living in that lonely place There were those who believed. There was definitely a mystery about the place and stories were told about brave souls who did try to explore the island, only to returned with harrowing tales of disaster.

The only way to get there was by boat, but  vessels that cruised by gave it a wide berth. Requests for passage there were denied. Queries about the myth were met with silence.

Until the day Moncrief came on board. The morning  promised clear sailing as hands prepared to pull away from the dock. Passengers leaned against the rail enjoying the prospect of a day on the water.  At the last moment a man on shore ran down the ramp to the end of the dock and jumped on board.

Demanding to see the captain, he introduced himself as Harry Moncrief of the Moose Hollow Harbinger and requested to be dropped off to investigate and finally put to rest the mystery of  island.

Moncrief of ample girth made his way to the forward deck and edged his way up to the rail, where he studied the lake with a pair of binoculars. He grew excited when the castle came into view.

Meanwhile on the island, the witch kept watch. Such a beautiful day. Which meant tourists would be out on the lake.  She heaved a sigh as a boat came into view.  Instead of sailing on past, it headed toward the island.

The witch watched in concern as the boat was near enough for her to see the gawking faces at the rail, some using binoculars to invade her privacy.

She looked away, studied the sky and  the calm sparkling water.  Such a glorious day. Such a waste.  She sighed.

The boat moved closer. She regretted what had to be done.  Her composure left, and in its place anger roiled, resulting in an unexpected change.  Tourists raced for safety at the first thunderclap followed by a torrential downpour. The wind raged and waves tossed the boat as the captain headed toward safer waters.

When the witch threw one of her temper tantrums, it usually lasted several days.  There wouldn’t be any activity on the lake for some time.  The witch retired to her favorite chair by the fire and sipped her mead.

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