© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:   “Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest.” Totally unprepared, he walked toward the trees.  What was he doing  without his usual backpack, mosquito repellant, and water? Dreamlike, he walked on, pursuing what, he did not know.

[This prompt shouldn’t be that difficult, but I’m totally off here.  The question I must ask here is whether to start over or keep on going into my own primeval darkness. Yes, there is a similarity in his and my journey. I feel the tug to keep going.}

So, catching up with,George (that name just popped into my head. That’s nothing to get excited over. Though it doe’s make me feel I may have a handle on this thing.)

So we are now following George.  Did you just notice what happened?  We are now part of the story.  How we got in there is a mystery to me.  This just has a mind of it’s own.

My oh my, this is getting scary for George.  He is feeling totally lost.  No that’s me getting totally lost.  And you too, if you  are still reading this.   Wait! Is that light we see through the trees?  Why yes, it is.  George sees it too because he is beginning to run toward it. Heedless of the   branches reaching out to grab him, George races ahead ignoring the scratches on his body. He finally breaks through into the sunlight. And me? Yes there is hope for me too.  I will push publish and then get many glowing comments that will light my way. There I go dreaming.  Maybe just a few likes.  Glowing will have to wait.

13 thoughts on “MFTS-Lost

  1. Perhaps George is the outfielder in a friendly baseball game being played at the family picnic in the park? He isn’t wearing a ball glove on his left hand, so he must have it on the right hand and we just can’t see it.

    Likely Cousin Wayne’s son Ryan was up to bad. They should never let that kid up to bat; he dreams of being a boxing champion and works out at the gym every day after school. The ball probably plowed through the woods and killed some poor deer.

    George is frowning, thinking he’ll miss the wiener roast while he’s in the woods hunting for that ball. They may even have to send a searching party after him. Next year George is going to see to it that Ryan plays badminton. No more of this. 🙂

  2. I like where you were taking your story and you don’t have to caught up in making it ‘real’ just go with the flow you create. Self reflection is ok but within the word limit you can a get caught up with having to choose between that and the story. Its all about playing with words and seeing where they might take you, being brave and letting the absurd take centre stage. Good luck in the future…..

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