Lucy to the Rescue(Lost Cont.)

George woke from his dream. A pleasant dream of being in his own bed, with Lucy licking his face, a protective paw on his chest. The adventure only a strange memory, he struggled to regain his senses. Shocked, he found himself not in his own bed, but a rough bed of pine needles. Hovering over him was a large creature, drool dripping from his jowls. Two heavy paws pinned him to the ground. George could hardly take a breath, from both terror and the pressure of the creatures body.
George turned his head at the sound of a whimper. Lucy lay on her side, her chest heaving. Another whimper let George know she was still alive.
George allowed himself the tiniest intake of air.

The creature began licking his face again. He felt reality fading. It must be just a dream for it seemed that Lucy was trying to wake him.  But the weight on his chest still prevented movement. Pain enveloped him. The thought of death plunged him in despair.

He saw Lucy struggle to her feet and in one courageous leap she was on the beast, snarling and snapping.  The creature reared back to swing at Lucy, giving George the chance to roll away, big gulps of air leaving him suddenly dizzy from the effort.

Lucy had done her job and now it was George’s turn to come to Lucy’s rescue. She was cornered by the creature who towered over her.  George picked up a large branch and swung it at the head. The branch did little damage, but it did give Lucy time to escape.

George stood his ground, swinging the branch until it splintered and broke leaving a spear like point.

Lucy’s ran behind George for protection, where she intermittently whined and barked furiously.  George, using his last bit of strength threw the limb strait at the creature’s forehead.

Feeling a bit like the Biblical David, he did not wait to see his Goliath fall. He turned and ran with Lucy at his heels.

That night he finished his novel.

11 thoughts on “Lucy to the Rescue(Lost Cont.)

  1. Didn’t I comment on this story before? I thought I had. Needless to say I had to come back to read this AB after reading the second version and say both are well done. The latter more finely polished. Be well… ^..^

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