MFTS-Life on the Edge

She lived a life that some would describe as on the edge. When I teased that her reality check had bounced she laughed that delicious laugh and winked. She bumped by arm playfully and said she wasn’t bankrupt yet. She palmed her two lucky nickels and laughed. Then she would go on doing exactly what I had cautioned her about.

Betty bragged she was named after a movie star. We rented the old Betty Davis movies, after which Betty would mimic whatever happened on screen. Cigarettes and make-up. Dyed blond hair. Revealing clothing. Sultry Voice.

I admit I was jealous of how she lived her life. Never thinking of the cost she plunged ahead, leaving me always a bit behind.

And she finally did leave me behind. Her walk on the edge took her into a world of drugs.

I lost my friend when a drug overdose took her life.

15 thoughts on “MFTS-Life on the Edge

  1. Well, if this is a true story, I’m sad to hear that you lost a friend. If it’s not a true story, you should tag it “Fiction” just so your readers know.
    I guess in any case it’s been too often a true story.

  2. Really like your writing. “your reality check bounced”. Great line. What a great cautionary tale.

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