My Life as a Cat




The daily prompt asks us to write in the present tense.  Judy took the prompt and posted “My Life as a Dog” inspiring me to write about the felines in my life. Right now one of them is scratching at the door to be let in off the deck where she just wanted to go a moment before I started this post.

Excuse me while I go answer her request.

Noel comes in and seeing me sit down and haul the laptop back in place, whines a bit and then jumps on the side table and sits and sulks a bit.  Now she is back with a meow that tells me she is unhappy with me.  How can I prefer this black lifeless object to her warm presence. She wanders off to find another spot.

Her second choice is cuddling up beside the older cat who resides here. Toby lives the life of Riley.  He gets out of bed and after a snack curls up in a sunny spot and returns to slumber. In his advanced years, he relishes his naps.

He sleeps, dreaming I suppose about past episodes in his life, but they will not be told now, since this must be kept in the present tense.

Right now I must finish this post and go forth to meets today’s challenges.  Just for a day I might relish the life of a cat.



5 thoughts on “My Life as a Cat

  1. Oh to be a cat (except for the vet visits which they do not seem to treasure). At least my feline, sleeping 23 hours a day, searching for a place to sleep for an hour and squeezing in a feeding session.

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