The Skinny on Weight Loss


Professor Nudinski adjusted his lab coat over his expanded girth.  He had tried diets and exercise with no success. He was certain his newest experiment would solve the countries concern with obesity. His work had its problems, his lab rats did not always survive.

Even so, he thought he had it all worked out; he was ready for this moment of truth.  All he had to do was drink the serum he had  tirelessly worked on for the past four years.

If it worked the fat would melt from his body. He would be hailed as brilliant. He would have  all he  ever desired. Maybe he’d finally have a chance with Nurse Nellie.

His hand shook as he raised the vial to his lips and downed it in one long gulp.

He had not taken into account one problem. Nellie wouldn’t want to kiss a skeleton.

21 thoughts on “The Skinny on Weight Loss

  1. Hmmm…. reminds me of the Mummy when he first comes back to life but isn’t fully regenerated and he tries to kiss Brendan Frazier’s girlfriend, the Liberian. A very sad story really. He cannot be with the woman he wants in the end. Great writing.

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